TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2011 Poster Session

Principal properties of the velocity distribution of dark matter particles on the outskirts of the Solar System A. Baushev
A Phase III SIMPLE measurement? T. Girard
Search for hidden baryons through scintillation M. Moniez
EDELWEISS detectors: from R&D to dark matter search C. Nones
Dark matter stability from non-Abelian discrete flavor symmetries E. Peinado
Limits on inelastic dark matter from the CRESST experiment J. Schmaler
Determining WIMP properties with non-negligible background events C.L. Shan
Supersymmetric left-right models and low energy phenomenology A. Vicente
Underground cosmic-ray experiment EMMA T. Enqvist
Neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts in the Fermi era S. Hümmer
Plasma influence on neutrino electromagnetic properties A. Lokhov
On the mass composition of primary cosmic rays in the energy region 1015 -1016 eV Y. Novoseltsev
Ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray spectrum from near AGN< O. Shustova
Analysis of inclined air showers and search for ultra-high energy neutrinos and photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory I. Valino Rielo
Identification of neutrons produced from neutrino interactions with water and its physics application at Super-Kamiokande IV S. Chen
Hunt for θ13 with LENA K. Loo
Large extra dimensions and the reactor antineutrino anomaly H. Nunokawa
The ultimate Borexino impact in the global analysis of neutrino data A.C. Re
Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations at the neutrino factory J. Tang
Thermal axion production in the primordial quark-gluon plasma P. Graf
Polytropic and Chaplygin f(T)-gravity models K. Karami
Temperature dependent resolution of cosmological scalar field M.M. Verma
The meV frontier of axion physics J. Redondo
Time variation of the neutron background rate measured in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory G. Bruno
Rare event searches based on Micromegas detectors T. Dafni
LArGe – R&D for active background suppression in GERDA M. Heisel
Maintaining cleanliness in liquid noble gases K. Martens
The MGDO software libraries for Ge neutrinoless double beta decay experiments O. Volynets
Measurement of the differential neutron flux inside a lead shielding in a cryogenic experiment J. Puimedon
Tools for advanced data analysis in the GERDA neutrinoless double beta decay experiment P. Zavarise
Observation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in cloudy conditions by the JEM-EUSO Space Observatory M.D. Rodriguez Frias

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