TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2005 Workshop Sessions


COSMOLOGICAL ISSUES (Conveners: A. Diaferio, M. Shaposhnikov, M. Spiro)
Cosmological limits on neutrino masses S. Hannestad
The nuMSM, dark matter and baryon asymmetry of the Universe M. Shaposhnikov
Low-Scale Higgs Triplet Soft-Leptogenesis S. Scopel
Gravitational waves in the anomaly-induced inflation I. Shapiro
Conformal invariant wave equations and linear gravity in de Sitter space M. R. Tanhayi
The initial conditions of the universe and holography A. Segui
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES (Conveners: B. Barish, G. Frossati, A. Giazotto)
Status of Virgo E. Majorana
LCGT and CLIO Project S. Miyoki
Recent results on the search for continuous sources with LIGO A. Sintes
Upper limits on gravitational waves emission in association with the Dec 27 2004 giant flare of SGR1806-20 M. Cerdonio
New spherical detector V. Fafone
Acoustic detection of particles: the RAP experiment. Present status and results L. Quintieri
HE ASTROPHYSICS - I (THEORY) (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, A. Olinto)
Anti-GZK cut-off in diffusive propagation of UHECR R. Aloisio
GZK photons as UHECR above 10 EeV G. Gelmini
Damping of UHE neutrinos in the thermal background of relic neutrinos V. Van Elewyck
Propagation properties from measurements of galactic cosmic rays F. Donato
HE neutrinos from optical thick sources R. Tomas
Sgr-A East as a possible HE neutron and neutrino factory D. Grasso
The LPM showers traversed through atmosphere A. Misaki
Parameterization of the multipole muon flux and energy spectrum deep underwater A. Margiotta


DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY - I (Conveners: L. Bergstrom, A. Bottino, J. Morales)
Indirect signatures for axions K. Zioutas
XENON dark matter search: status of the XENON10 phase E. Aprile
WARP: a double phase Argon programme for dark matter detection N. Ferrari
SIMPLE limits on spin-dependent WIMP interactions T. Girard
First results of the CAST experiment at CERN T. Dafni
Dark matter search with highly segmented NaI(Tl) detector K. Fushimi
Dark matter searches with NaI scintillators in the Canfranc Underground Laboratory: ANAIS Experiment M. Martinez
A bubble chamber for dark matter detection (the COUPP Project status) B. Odom
ArDM: a proposed new direct detection experiment for the existence of dark matter in the Universe based on liquid Argon A. Rubbia
Recent development on scintillating bolometers for WIMP searches: ROSEBUD status L. Torres
DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY - II (Conveners: L. Bergstrom, A. Bottino, J. Morales)
Direct detection of neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM D.G. Cerdeno
Light neutralino dark matter in gaugino non-universal models N. Fornengo
DAMA detection claim is still compatible with all other DM searches G. Gelmini
Galactic center signals: compressed dark matter halos and SUSY models Y. Mambrini
Dark energy condensation M. Pietroni
Dark matter candidates in a baryogenesis inspired scenario A. Provenza
The nuMSM, dark matter and neutrino masses M. Shaposhnikov
Cosmology and astrophysics with running parameters J. Sola
Equation of state description of the dark energy transition between quintessence and phantom regimes H. Stefancic
Study of production of electron neutrinos at nuclear power reactor and TEXONO neutrino programs B. Xin
Underground measurement of 14N(p,g)15O astrophysical factor at low energy F. Confortola
Research Program towards the first observation of neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering H. Li
Search for the proton decay in the large liquid scintillation detector LENA T. Marrodan
Solar Neutrino and Dark Matter Detection with CLEAN J. Nikkel
How to observe 8B solar neutrinos in liquid scintillator detectors F. Villante
The final SNO phase - Status, calibration and sensitivity of the NCD phase of the SNO Experiment C. Krauss
Problems on solar neutrino research G. Zatsepin
Low energy (~ 1 MeV) background measurements with LVD H. Menghetti
Progress on the spherical TPC for low-energy neutrino interactions (NOSTOS) I. G. Irastorza


Physics results with the counting test facility (CTF) of Borexino G. Bellini
LENS Indium detector R.S. Raghavan
Measurement of the SAGE response to neutrinos from 37Ar source V. Gavrin
Low energy neutrino astronomy with a large scintillation detector LENA F. von Feilitzsch
Double CHOOZ C. Buck
Shock wave propagation in prompt supernova explosion and the MSW effect of neutrino S. Kawagoe
Neutrino oscillations in low density medium A. Ioannisian
Identifying the neutrino mass hierarchy with supernova neutrinos R. Tomas
Random magnetic fields for solar neutrino spin-flavour precession in a three generation context O. Peres
Models with Type I and II seesaw M. Frigerio
Explaining LSND by a decaying sterile neutrino S. Palomares-Ruiz
HE ASTROPHYSICS - II (UHE NEUTRINOS AND GAMMAS) (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, A. Olinto)
Neutrino astronomy at the South Pole: AMANDA and ICECUBE I. Taboada
Status and new results from the BAIKAL Detector Z. Dzilkibaev
Status report of the ANTARES Experiment Y. Becherini
Recent results from NESTOR L. Resvanis
Status report on NEMO R. Coniglione
Status, first results and prospects for MAGIC J. Rico
Observation of gamma radiation above 150 GeV from AGN 1ES1959+650 with MAGIC Telescope N. Tonelli
Searching for emission from GRBs with the ARGO-YBJ Detector T. Di Girolamo
Measurement of the gamma ray spectrum of the Crab Nebula and AGN survey above 50 GeV with CACTUS J. Lizarazo
DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY - III (Conveners: L. Bergstrom, A. Bottino, J. Morales)
Impact of a "Heavy" SIMPLE on the search for WIMP dark matter F. Giuliani
Characterization of the neutron response to a liquid Xenon based detector for dark matter studies S. Kamat
EURECA: the european future of cryogenic dark matter searches H. Kraus
Background studies for underground particle astrophysics experiments V. Kudryavtsev
Update of neutron studies in Edelweiss R. Lemrani
Physics and astrophysics with dark matter particles F. Nozzoli
Neutrons from rock radioactivity in the new Canfranc Underground Laboratory J. Puimedon
Backgrounds studies in the cryogenic dark matter search at the Soudan Underground Laboratory A. Reisetter
MIMAC-He3: non-baryonic dark matter direct detection by a matrix of TPC with He3 D. Santos
Rustrel: low noise underground Laboratory G. Waysand
DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY - IV (Conveners: L. Bergstrom, A. Bottino, J. Morales)
Dark matter searches with AMS-02 C. Goy
Detection of antideuterons for indirect dark matter searches: progress on and prospects for the General Antiparticle Spectrometer (GAPS) C. Hailey
Astroparticle and gamma-ray physics in space A. Morselli
A search for gamma-ray emissions from Draco using CACTUS P. Marleau
Limits on galactic dark matter from the 6.7 year EROS-2 microlensing survey of the Magellanic Clouds A. Milsztajn
Background shielding for the TPC detector of the CAST Experiment J. Ruz
Search for SQM nuggets at high altitude Lab O. Saavedra
Axion interpretation of the PVLAS data? A. Ringwald


Final neutrino oscillation analysis results from Soudan 2 T. Kafka
Final results of the search for numu-nutau oscillations by CHORUS A. M. Guler
Results from the HARP Experiment A. Guglielmi
MiniBooNE M. Sorel
K2K and T2K P. Loverre
The status of the MINOS Experiment C. Howcroft
The OPERA Experiments C. Gustavino
Beta beams M. Mezzetto
Oscillations of high energy neutrinos in matter: precise formalism and parametric resonance E. Akhmedov
Resolving neutrino mass hierarchy and CP Degeneracy by two identical detectors with different baselines T. Kajita
A neutrino program based on the machine upgrades of the LHC P. Migliozzi
Examination on K2K experiment and SK atmospheric neutrino experiment by the computer experiment A. Misaki
HE ASTROPHYSICS - III (COSMIC RAYS) (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, A. Olinto)
Results from the KASCADE, KASCADE-Grande and LOPES Experiments J. Hoerandel
Highly inclined cosmic ray showers measured with LOPES J. Petrovich
Muon groups observed with Baksan underground scintillation Telescope and mass composition of cosmic rays around the knee V. Petkov
ARGO-YBJ: a unique device for a study of EAS G. Marsella
EMMA: a new underground cosmic ray Experiment T. Enqvist
Cosmic ray and gamma astrophysics with AMS-02 Experiment S. Natale
Spectrum, composition and arrival directions of UHECR measured by HiRes J. Belz
Search for small-scale anisotropy in UHECR with stereo HiRes B. Connolly
DOUBLE BETA DECAYS (Conveners: F. Avignone, V. Matveev)
CUORE: high sensitive double beta decay cryogenic Experiment C. Bucci
.GERDA, the GERmanium Detector Array for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay in Ge-76 E. Bellotti
The Majorana proposal S. Elliott
Cosmogenic activation in Ge double beta decay experiments S. Cebrian
NEMO-3 and SUPERNEMO double beta decay Experiments A. Barabash
MOON for double beta decays from 100Mo and a proto-type detector MOON 1 H. Nakamura
Status and perspectives of the COBRA double beta decay Experiment H. Kiel
CANDLES for double beta decay of 48Ca S. Umehara
Lepton number-non-conservation: status and perspectives H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus

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