TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2005 Poster Session

De Sitter space-time, the best model for our universe S. Fatemi
Equation of state for the early Universe L. Medeiros
Supernova neutrino physics with future large Cherenkov detectors D. Montanino
The 3He(4He,g)7Be underground experiment at LUNA F. Confortola
Upper limit on the pulsed emission from the CRAB with the MAGIC telescope M. Lopez Moya
Testing quintessence models with gamma-ray bursts T. Di Girolamo
The angular resolution of the ARGO-YBJ detector: first results G. Di Sciascio
Scintillation of sapphire under particle excitation at low temperature E. Garcia
Background understanding and improvement in sodium iodide scintillators M. L. Sarsa
Study of the properties of synchrotron-inverse Compton models of TeV sources located in environments dominated by strong radiation fields D. Khangulyan
Low-level techniques applied in the Borexino and GERDA experiments G. Zuzel
Study of MOON backgrounds with a prototype detector: MOON 1 T. Ogama
MaGe: a Monte Carlo framework for the Gerda and Majorana double beta decay experiments L. Pandola
A not-so-rosy view of the apparent future in direct searches for WIMP interactions T. Girard
High energy (E > 200 GeV) muon bursts correlated with powerful solar flares S.P. Mikheyev
The lateral structure of the LPM showers in water A. Misaki
Study of downgoing atmospheric muons in NEMO A. Margiotta
Spin-independent experimental limits on a WIMP with isospin-dependent interaction F. Giuliani
Leptons quarks unification with discrete symmetries M. Picariello
The cosmic ray muon positive excess problem L. Volkova et al

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