TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2011 Workshop Sessions


DARK MATTER: SEARCHES WITH NEUTRINOS AND GAMMA RAYS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Conservative upper limits on WIMP annihilation cross section from Fermi-LAT gamma-rays F. Donato
Spectral cutoffs in indirect dark matter searches C. Weniger
Determining WIMP properties with neutrinos in IceCube/DeepCore C.R. Das
Downward going tau neutrinos and dark matter V. Niro
Indirect searches for gravitino dark matter M. Grefe
DARK MATTER: DIRECTIONAL AND INDIRECT + 0vDB EXPERIMENTS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Searches for dark matter with the IceCube detector M. Danninger
Indirect search for dark matter with the ANTARES neutrino telescope V. Bertin
Recent progress from the DMTPC directional dark matter search A. Kaboth
NEWAGE: direction-sensitive dark matter search experiment K. Nakamura
Directional detection of dark matter with MIMAC J. Billard
Dark matter sensitivities of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR G. Giovanetti
COSMOLOGY (Conveners: J. Weller, S. Hannestad)
Constraints on small-scale cosmological perturbations from gamma-ray searches for dark matter P. Scott
Cosmological constraints on the number of neutrino species J. Hamann
Constraining the cosmic radiation density due to lepton number with BBN S. Pastor
Estimating the tensor-to-scalar ratio and the effect of residual foreground contamination Y. Fantaye
Foreground fNL A. Renzi
DOUBLE BETA DECAY, NEUTRINO MASS (Conveners: M. Hirsch, A. Giuliani)
Results of the NEMO-3 experiment L. Simard
CUORICINO: Final results S. Di Domizio
Project 8: Measuring neutrino masses using radio-frequency techniques J. Formaggio
The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR: A search for neutrinoless double-beta decay of Germanium 76 J. Wilkerson
Status report of the GERDA experiment C.M. Cattadori
NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS (Conveners: T. Lachenmaier, F. Suekane)
Status of the NOvA experiment B. Rebel
ICARUS and status of liquid argon technology A. Menegolli
Neutrino oscillations, energy-momentum conservation and entanglement E. Akhmedov
The Nucifer experiment: non proliferation with reactor antineutrinos A.S. Cucoanes
Status of the DANSS project: solid scintillator detector of the reactor antineutrino V. Egorov
The NA61/SHINE hadron production experiment for T2K: update and recent results S. Murphy
LOW ENERGY NEUTRINOS (Conveners: A. Dighe, M. Chen, M. Wurm)
Testing the sterile neutrino hypothesis at the solar sector A. Palazzo
Precision measurement of the 7Be solar neutrino flux and its day-night asymmetry with Borexino B. Caccianiga
Final results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory N. Tolich
Scintillator phase of the SNO+ experiment V. Lozza
Measuring the pep and CNO neutrinos with Borexino C. Galbiati
A step toward CNO solar neutrinos detection in liquid scintillators F. Villante
ASTROPHYSICAL MESSENGERS: COSMIC RAYS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Anisotropy studies with the Pierre Auger Observatory C. Macolino
The nuclear mass composition of UHECR with the Pierre Auger Observatory L. Cazon Boado
Determination of hadronic interaction characteristics with the Pierre Auger Observatory R. Ulrich
Search for the nuclei sources in the ultra-high energy cosmic ray data D. Semikoz
Enhancements to the Southern Pierre Auger Observatory H. Klages
Recent results from Telescope Array D. Ikeda
Lorentz invariance violation and chemical composition of ultra high energy cosmic rays L. Maccione
Future projects at Telescope Array P. Sokolsky
Cosmic ray anisotropies observed by the ARGO-YBJ experiment G. Di Sciascio
The JEM-EUSO mission M. Ricci
UHECR spectra composition and maps by lightest nuclei from nearest Universe D. Fargion


DARK MATTER: DIRECT DETECTION AND LIGHT WIMPS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
CoGeNT-4: Prospects for an expanded search for light-mass WIMPs J. Orrell
Construction and commissioning of the China Jinping underground laboratory and the CDEX-TEXONO experiment H. Wong
An ionisation-only analysis of XENON10 data P. Sorensen
Likelihood approach to XENON dark matter results E. Gross
Bayes and present dark matter direct search status C. Arina
Light neutralino dark matter N. Fornengo
DARK MATTER: SEARCHES WITH CHARGED COSMIC RAYS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Combined LEP/Tevatron/XENON100 analysis to determine the nature of DM Y. Mambrini
Discriminating dark matter in cosmic rays: The role of electron dipole anisotropy E. Borriello
Galactic synchrotron emission from astrophysical electrons R. Lineros
Dark matter synchrotron emission and radio observations M. Taoso
Antiproton constraints on light dark matter candidates J. Lavalle
COSMOLOGY (Conveners: J. Weller, S. Hannestad)
Results from optical followup program of SPT clusters S. Desai
Status and perspectives of the CAST experiment B. Lakic
Cosmological constraints on thermal relic axions and axion-like particles D. Cadamuro
First second of lepton asymmetries M. Stuke
Effect of massive neutrinos in the nonlinear regime D. Boriero
DOUBLE BETA DECAY, NEUTRINO MASS (Conveners: M. Hirsch, A. Giuliani)
LUCIFER: a scintillating bolometer array for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay L. Cardani
SuperNEMO double beta decay experiment A. Barabash
Implications of finite one-loop corrections on see-saw neutrino masses D. Aristizabal
Study of 48Ca double beta decay by CANDLES I. Ogawa
CUORE detector: an update P. Gorla
NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS (Conveners: T. Lachenmaier, F. Suekane)
The Double Chooz experiment P. Pfahler
First data with the Daya Bay antineutrino detectors K. Heeger
First data with the Daya Bay muon detectors Z. Wang
The reactor antineutrino anomaly T. Lasserre
Short-baseline neutrino oscillations with Borexino A. Ianni
Ga source experiment for detection of short baseline neutrino oscillations V. Gorbachev
LOW ENERGY NEUTRINOS (Conveners: A. Dighe, M. Chen, M. Wurm)
Towards a refined reference Earth model for geo-neutrinos F. Mantovani
Low energy neutrino physics at KamLAND H. Watanabe
Antineutrino studies with Borexino detector O. Smirnov
Final results of neutrino-electron scattering cross-section measurements and constraints on new physics H. Wong
Neutrino electromagnetic properties and new bounds on neutrino magnetic moments A. Studenikin
Detecting extragalactic supernova neutrinos in the ice of the South Pole M. Kowalski
ASTROPHYSICAL MESSENGERS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Density imaging of volcanoes with atmospheric muons F. Fehr
Main results of the PAMELA space experiment after 5 years in orbit M. Ricci
Restrictions on cosmogenic neutrinos and UHECR from Fermi 3 years data O. Kalashev
The first year IceCube-DeepCore results C.H. Ha
Recent results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope J.J. Hernandez-Rey
Neutrino spectra and flavor composition on the Hillas plot W. Winter
Classifying and probing flavor transition mechanisms of astrophysical high energy neutrinos K.-C. Lai
UHECRs and multiple shock acceleration in active galactic nuclei A. Meli
Estimating the significance of a signal in a multi-dimensional search O. Vitells
A new interpretation of the high energy atmospheric muon charge ratio M. Sioli


DARK MATTER: DIRECT DETECTION WITH BOLOMETERS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Background discrimination in new iZIP detectors at SuperCDMS S. Scorza
Backgrounds of the EDELWEISS-II dark matter experiment P. Loaiza
Neutron background simulation for the CRESST-II experiment S. Scholl
Scintillating bolometers for fast neutron spectroscopy in rare events searches M. Martinez
Dark matter search with 1t of cryogenic detectors: EURECA G. Gerbier
Measurements of neutron fluxes in the LSM underground laboratory K. Eitel
DARK MATTER: DIRECT DETECTION: BUBBLES, NaI AND CsI (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Recent results from the SIMPLE dark matter search M. Felizardo da Costa
Searching for dark matter with COUPP H. Lippincott
Spin-dependent dark matter searches with PICASSO V. Zacek
Recent result from KIMS S.K. Kim
Update on the ANAIS experiment and first results at the new Canfranc Underground Laboratory Facilities with the ANAIS-0 prototype C. Cuesta
DM-Ice: A direct detection experiment for dark matter at the South Pole R. Maruyama
Technical aspects in dark matter investigations R. Cerulli
COSMOLOGY (Conveners: J. Weller, S. Hannestad)
Dark energy physics expectations at DES M. Soares-Santos
Reconstructing the equation of state and density parameter for dark energy from combined analysis of recent SNe Ia, OHD and BAO data D. Majumdar
21 cm cosmology and dark energy R. Ansari
Coupled quintessence through dark energy density L. Lopez Honorez
Measuring dark energy parameters and choosing theoretical models S. Bludman
DOUBLE BETA DECAY, NEUTRINO MASS (Conveners: M. Hirsch, A. Giuliani)
Status of calculations of the nuclear matrix elements for double beta decay V. Rodin
Nuclear matrix elements for double beta processes J. Suhonen
Magnetic tracking detector DCBA/MTD for neutrinoless double beta decay experiments N. Ishihara
Discovering neutrinoless double beta decay with NEXT100 detector F. Monrabal
The Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO) double beta decay experiment: Status and early results P. Barbeau
NEUTRINO OSCILLATIONS (Conveners: T. Lachenmaier, F. Suekane)
T2K: New physics results S. Nakayama
Latest neutrino oscillation results from MINOS D. Naples
Updated results of the OPERA long baseline neutrino experiment A. Chukanov
Laguna: future megaton detectors in Europe T. Patzak
MicroBooNE: Searching for new physics in the neutrino sector with a 100-ton-scale liquid argon TPC G. Karagiorgi
Reviewing the status of neutrino NSI with quark parameters F.J. Escrihuela
LOW ENERGY NEUTRINOS (Conveners: A. Dighe, M. Chen, M. Wurm)
Site selection for the new generation of giant neutrino detectors W.H. Trzaska
Future neutrino physics with LENA (Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy) J. Winter
The Memphys experiment T. Patzak
Towards GLACIER, a giant liquid argon TPC detector A. Rubbia
About a possibility of measuring the central temperature of the sun through the regeneration of the 7Be neutrinos in the Earth A. Ioannisian
Potential of the Andes underground laboratory for neutrino geophysics and astrophysics R. Zukanovich Funchal
ASTROPHYSICAL MESSENGERS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Recent results from IceCube on high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays S. Böser
The KM3NeT project S. Biagi
Results from high-energy neutrino searches from gamma-ray bursts with IceCube N. Whitehorn
The Askaryan radio array K. Hanson
GRBs and ultra-high-energy cosmic rays M. Pohl
ASTROPHYSICAL MESSENGERS: GAMMA RAYS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Highlights from the ARGO-YBJ experiment I. De Mitri
The HAWC observatory A. Tepe
Cosmic rays, gamma rays and synchrotron radiation from the Milky Way E. Orlando
Importance of axion-like particles for very-high-energy astrophysics M. Roncadelli
Constraints on the intergalactic magnetic field from gamma-ray observations of TeV blazars S. Ostapchenko


DARK MATTER: MODEL BUILDING; COLLIDER SEARCHES (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
Electroweak lights from DM annihilations A. De Simone
Light neutralino in the MSSM: A playground for dark matter, flavor physics and collider experiments T. Ota
keV sterile neutrino dark matter and neutrino model building A. Merle
Direct detection of hot dark matter including light sterile neutrinos Z.-Z. Xing
Accurate estimate of the relic density and the kinetic decoupling in non-thermal dark matter models G. Arcadi
DARK MATTER: DIRECT DETECTION WITH LIQUID NOBLE GASES (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
The XMASS 800kg experiment J. Liu
Dark matter search at SNOLAB with DEAP-3600 M. Boulay
Status of the LUX dark matter search C. Hall
Recent progress from the MiniCLEAN dark matter experiment J. Monroe
Measurements of the low-energy response of liquid xenon A. Manalaysay
Study of nuclear recoils in liquid argon C. Regenfus
DARWIN: dark matter WIMP search with noble liquids L. Baudis
DOUBLE BETA DECAY, NEUTRINO MASS (Conveners: M. Hirsch, A. Giuliani)
Relic antineutrino capture on 163Ho decaying nuclei M. Vignati
Low energy signatures of the TeV scale see-saw mechanism E. Molinaro
Recent progress of the COBRA experiment C. Oldorf
Searches for neutrinoless resonant 2e captures at LNGS V. Tretyak
Neutrinoless double beta decay with SNO+ J. Hartnell
Experiment TGV-2: Search for double beta decay of 106Cd N. Rukhadze
Search for double beta decay of Cadmium 106 by using isotopically enriched cadmium tungstate crystal scintillator F. Danevich
Leptogenesis and neutrino phenomenology with mu-tau symmetric four zero Yukawa textures P. Roy
AMoRE experiment: A search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 100Mo isotope with 40Ca100MoO4 cryogenic scintillation detector V. Kornoukhov
Status of the KamLAND-Zen experiment A. Kozlov
LOW ENERGY NEUTRINOS (Conveners: A. Dighe, M. Chen, M. Wurm)
Development of InP solid state detector and liquid scintillator contaning metal complex for measurement of pp/7Be solar neutrinos and neutrinoless double beta decay Y. Fukuda
The detection of supernova neutrinos K. Scholberg
New possibilities in supernova accretion phase from dense matter effect S. Chakraborty
Sterile neutrinos in supernovae I. Tamborra
Possible trace of neutrino non-standard interactions in the supernova J. Pulido
Search for supernova relic neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande K. Bays
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES (Conveners: E. Coccia, S. Marka)
Past and future in the quest for gravitational wave transients L. Cadonati
Gravitational wave transients state-of-the-arts: detection confidence and signal reconstruction G.A. Prodi
Current status of LCGT project S. Miyoki
Electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave transient signal candidates M. Branchesi
Gravitational wave tricks for multi-messenger astronomy B. Allen
First Joint analysis between GW and HEN using LIGO/Virgo-ANTARES data I. Di Palma
Searches for gravitational wave signals form rotating neutron stars A. Krolak
The Einstein Telescope: a third generation gravitational wave observatory H. Lück
Vibrational excitation induced by electron beam and cosmic rays in normal and superconductive aluminum bars F. Ronga
A laser gyroscope system to detect the gravito-magnetic effect on Earth A. Di Virgilio
ASTROPHYSICAL MESSENGERS: GAMMA RAYS (Conveners: J.-C. Lanfranchi, T.M. Undagoitia, T. Bringmann)
The MAGIC telescopes: performance, results and future perspectives B. De Lotto
The Crab pulsar above 100 GeV N. Otte
Observations of the Crab pulsar above 25 GeV with the MAGIC telescope S. Klepser
Very high energy optical depth of the Universe D. Horns
Prospects for a dark matter annihilation signal towards the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy with ground based Cherenkov telescopes A. Viana
Searching for primordial black holes with the VERITAS gamma-ray experiment G. Tesic

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