TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2009 Workshop Sessions


DARK MATTER SEARCHES (Conveners: F.Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner)
The ArDM experiment (preliminary) C. Regenfus
Development of the MiniCLEAN dark matter detector J. Nikkel
Results from the first science run of ZEPLIN-III I. Lopes
Improved understanding of liquid xenon's response in dark matter searches A. Manalaysay
The XMASS experiment at the Kamioka Observatory K. Martens
The LUX Dark Matter Search D. McKinsey
Investigation of ambient and muon-induced neutron background in LSM K. Eitel
Status and Prospects of a Deep Underground Laboratory in China Q. Yue
COSMOLOGICAL ISSUES (Conveners: A. Diaferio, T. Moroi, K. Olive, M. Shaposhnikov)
Gravitational reheating in quintessential inflation S. Scopel
Relic density of neutrinos with primordial asymmetries S. Pastor
Interplay between the ``Low'' and ``High'' Energy CP-violation in leptogenesis S. Petcov
Constraining Super-critical string/brane cosmologies with astrophysical data V. Mitsou
Phantom dark energy and cosmological solutions without the Big Bang singularity A. Baushev
Dirac-Born-Infeld and k-inflation: the CMB anisotropies from string theory C. Ringeval
DOUBLE BETA DECAY (Conveners: F. Avignone, C. Cattadori, A. Faessler, F. Piquemal)
Brief overview of experimental decay, and the Majorana Project S. Elliott
Theoretical status of the double beta decay A. Faessler
Development and installation of the GERDA experiment A. Smolnikov
Probing the Majorana nature of neutrinos by the neutrinoless double beta decay S. Morisi

GRAVITATIONAL WAVES (Conveners: A. Giazotto, E. Katsavounidis, K. Kuroda)

Status of Virgo V. Fafone
Underground cryogenic interferometer S. Miyoki
Cosmic rays detection with Explorer and Nautilus C. Ligi
ET design study: science case and perspectives F. Ricci
ET site selection: seismic and gravity gradient noise J. van den Brand
Recent results from LIGO, GEO and Virgo searches C.N. Colacino
SOLAR, REACTOR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS (Conveners: M. Chen, K.T. Inoue, V. Matveev, G. Raffelt)
Results of the Borexino experiment L. Oberauer
Low energy neutrino physics at Super-Kamiokande M. Smy
InP solid state detector for a measurement of low energy solar neutrinos Y. Fukuda
The neutrino source experiment on SAGE two-zone gallium target V. Gorbachev
Linear solar models: the role of opacity and metals in the Sun F. Villante
Probing non-standard neutrino interactions with solar and reactor neutrinos M. Tortola
Remaining inconsistencies with solar neutrinos: can spin flavour precession provide a clue? J. Pulido
Solar flare in underground megaton detectors D. Fargion
Geo-neutrinos S. Dye


DARK MATTER SEARCHES (Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner)
Results from DMTPC 10-liter prototype D. Dujmic
Underground low flux neutron background measurements in LSM using a large volume (1m3) spherical proportional counter I. Savvidis
DRIFT update M. Pipe
Dark matter searches with the PICASSO experiment at SNOLab B. Beltran
COUPP A. Sonnenschein
Dark matter search with CCDs J. Estrada
Limits on low-mass wimp dark matter with an ultra-low-energy germanium detector at 220 ev threshold H. Wong
LIPSS experiment: free-electron laser in search for dark matter candidates A. Afanasev
Axion dark matter revisited L. Visinelli
Latests results from the CERN axion solar experiment I. Irastorza
ATMOSPHERIC NEUTRINOS AND HIGH ENERGY NEUTRINO BEAMS (Conveners: J. Bernabeu, A. Guglielmi, E. Lisi, Y. Suzuki)
Current MINOS neutrino oscillation results A. Habig
Probing theta_13 with global neutrino data analysis A. Palazzo
Status of the T2K long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment A.K. Ichikawa
The ND280m detectors contribution to the T2K neutrino measurements M. Besnier
CP violation studies via Beta and EC-decay channels of the same ion M.C. Espinoza Hernandez
Emulsion analysis in the OPERA experiment N. Naganawa
Status report of ICARUS T600 at the LNGS A. Menegolli
ArgoNeuT, a liquid argon TPC in a low energy neutrino beam J. Spitz
The long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment at DUSEL J. Maricic
DOUBLE BETA DECAY (Conveners: F. Avignone, C. Cattadori,A. Faessler, F. Piquemal)
Variances and covariances of the nuclear matrix elements for the neutrinoless double beta decay A.M. Rotunno
New concepts for the gaseous Xenon detector for double-beta decay D. Sinclair
Test of the single state dominance hypothesis for the two-neutrino double beta decay O. Moreno
MOON for double-beta decays and neutrino nuclear responses K. Fushimi
Searching for leptonic number non-conservation with NEMO-3 and SuperNEMO F. Mauger
Neutrino mass, neutrinoless double EC and rare beta decays J. Suhonen
Searching for double-beta decay with the enriched Xenon observatory L. Kaufman
The effective neutrino mass at the milli-eV-frontier S. Petcov
NEXT: Searching for the neutrinoless double beta decay with a gas-Xenon TPC P. Novella
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES(Conveners: A. Giazotto, E. Katsavounidis, K. Kuroda)
Search for bursts with LIGO, GEO and Virgo N. Leroy
Status of neutrino detectors W. Fulgione
Search for neutrinos from core-collapse supernova from the global network of detectors A. Habig
The future of neutrino detectors K. Scholberg
Supernovae rates, models and waveforms C. Ott
Using neutrinos to search for GW signals G. Pagliaroli
Multiwavelength observations with LIGO L. Cadonati
Gravitational wave-neutrino joint search for core-collapse supernovae E. Katsavounidis


DARK MATTER SEARCHES (Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner)
Dark Matter searches with the experiment EDELWEISS-II V. Sanglard
BGO scintillating bolometer: its application in dark matter experiments Y.R. Ortigoza Paredes
The expected background spectrum in NaI dark matter detectors and the DAMA result V. Kudryavtsev
Technical aspects and dark matter searches F. Nozzoli
Inert Doublet Model and DAMA: elastic or inelastic dark matter candidates C. Arina
Relevance of ion channeling for direct dark matter detection G. Gelmini
Elastic and Inelastic LSP-nucleus scattering on medium-heavy nuclei J. Suhonen
Status report on the ANAIS experiment C. Pobes
Tidal effect in the Radon-due neutron flux from the Earth’s crust Y. Stenkin
Dark matter search by means of segmented scintillator (PICO-LON) K. Fushimi
(In)visible Z' and dark matter Y. Mambrini
EDUCATION AND OUTREACH(Conveners: R. Antolini, C. Bradaschia, J. Jackson)
How CERN deals with high visibility A. Del Rosso
Education and Public outreach of the Pierre Auger Observatory G. Snow
Astronomy's new messengers: A LIGO traveling exhibit to reach out to a young adult audience M. Cavaglià
European week of Astroparticle Physics A. Marsollier
Outreach activities of KamLAND T. Mitsui
ESOF 2010 exactly one year ahead E. Predazzi
Science in the neighborhood J. Jackson
The "100 Euro" interferometer C. Bradaschia
Gran Sasso National Laboratory: outreach and communication activities A. Di Giovanni
DOUBLE BETA DECAY (Conveners: F. Avignone, C. Cattadori, A. Faesler, F. Piquemal)
Effective operators for the pionic contributions to the neutrinoless double beta decay derived from quarks J.D. Vergados
From CUORICINO to CUORE: investigating neutrino properties with double-beta decay M. Sisti
The lepton number violating double electron capture A. Merle
Status of the COBRA experiment K. Zuber
The DCBA experiment for studying neutrino less double-beta decay N. Ishihara
Double beta-decay of 109Cd with the TGV-2 experiment N. Rukhadze
Candles for the study of neutrinoless double-beta decay I. Ogawa
SNO+ C. Krauss
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS (Conveners: R. Aloisio, J. Buckley, T. Montaruli)
M87 and CenA: laboratories for VHE physics of jets and near super-massive black holes M. Raue
Gamma ray astronomy with the ARGO-YBJ experiment T. Di Girolamo
Have Cherenkov telescopes detected a new light boson? M. Roncadelli
CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) R. Wagner
Search for neutrinos of astrophysical origin with IceCube A. Gross
First results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope J. Zornoza
Lake Baikal: from Megaton to Gigaton B. Shaybonov
KM3NeT: a cubic kilometre-scale deep sea neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea A.R. Margiotta
Limit on the diffuse flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos using the Pierre Auger Observatory P. Billoir
REACTOR AND SUPERNOVAE NEUTINOS, CROSS SECTION (Conveners: M. Chen, K.T. Inoue, V. Matveev, G. Raffelt)
A search for supernova relic neutrino at Super-Kamiokande T. Iida
Diffuse neutrino flux from failed supernovae C. Lunardini
Neutrino and antineutrino spectral splits from collective effects in supernovae I. Tamborra
The nuclear response of the COBRA detector to supernova neutrino energy spectra T. Kosmas
Long-term study of low energy counting rate with the large volume detector G. Bruno
Reactor neutrino detection for non proliferation with the Nucifer experiment A. Porta
Investigating the nuclear response of Te isotopes to supernova neutrinos V. Tsakstara
Lepton-nucleon interactions at the next-to-leading order A. Aleksejevs


DARK MATTER SEARCHES (Conveners: F. Donato, J. Morales, C. Munoz, N. Spooner)
Dark matter annihilation at cosmological redshifts: possible relic signal from WIMPs annihilation A. Baushev
Right-handed sneutrino as WIMP dark matter in the NMSSM D.G. Cerdeno
Sneutrino dark matter B. Dutta
Sneutrino as DM candidate and dynamical generation of neutrino masses F. Bazzocchi
Light neutralinos and neutrino signal V. Niro
Pamela and Fermi data: a new background for future dark matter searches? C. Yaguna
Results and prospects of dark matter searches with IceCube G. Wikström
Astrophysical boost factor and dark matter indirect detection T. Delahaye
Galactic positrons and electrons from dark matter and astrophysical sources R. Lineros
ATMOSPHERIC NEUTRINOS AND HIGH-ENERGY NEUTRINO BEAMS(Conveners: J. Bernabeu, A. Guglielmi, E. Lisi, Y. Suzuki)
New results from the MiniBooNE experiment at Fermilab M. Shaevitz
The Double LAr project P. Sala
Non-standard neutrino interactions from low-scale seesaw models H. Zhang
Results of nucleon decay search in Super-Kamiokande-I+II K. Kaneyuki
Final results of a search for neutron-antineutron oscillation in SK-I J. Kameda
Oscillations of very low energy atmospheric neutrinos O. Peres
Atmospheric neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande R. Wendell
Sensitivity on Earth core and mantle densities using atmospheric neutrinos O. Pisanti
Cosmic neutrinos: flavor composition at source and mixing parameters A. Esmaili
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS (Conveners: R. Aloisio, J. Buckley, T. Montaruli)
Interpretations of the positrons flux observed by PAMELA P. Lipari
Dark matter searches with gamma-ray measurements J. Siegal-Gaskins
Evolution of the cosmic ray anisotropy above 100 TeV P.L. Ghia
Hybrid detection of UHECR with the Pierre Auger Observatory M. Settimo
Study of Acoustic Ultra-high energy Neutrino Detection (SAUND) phase II N. Kurahashi
Neutrino oscillations in MHD supernova explosions S. Kawagoe
Cosmic ray studies with the OPERA detector at Gran Sasso N. Mauri
The Double Chooz experiment - toward the high precision measurement in the quest for theta13 J. Maricic
A high-precision measurement of theta13 with the daya bay reactor Neutrino Experiment K. Heeger
Moessbauer experiment with neutrinos and neutrino oscillations E. Akhmedov
Neutrino oscillations in matter with varying density A. Ioannisian
Magnus approximation for neutrino oscillations with three flavors in matter A. Aguilar-Arevalo
The KATRIN experiment M. Beck
Measuring neutrino mass with radioactive ions in a storage ring C. Orme
Measurements of neutrino-electron scattering cross section and the EW Parameters at the Kuo-Sheng reactor neutrino laboratory M. Deniz
Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos A. Studenikin

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