TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2009 Poster Session

Dark matter annihilation in the gravitational field of a black hole A. Baushev
Dark matter search with DMTPC 10-liter prototype D. Dujmic
Development of the light readout for the ArDM experiment W. Creus
Technique to measure the cosmic muon fluxes at the old Canfranc Underground Laboratory A. Rodriguez
Detection of fast neutrons with LiF and Al203 scintillating bolometers J. Puimedon
New observation of the 2nu-2beta decay of Mo-100 to the 0_1+ level of Ru-100 in the ARMONIA experiment V. Tretyak
Investigation of double beta decay in Nd-150 and Nd-148 to excited state of daughter nuclei A. Barabash
Background level estimations using pulse shape analysis in the new generation Ge experiments H. Gomez Maluenda
Development of Segmented Germanium detectors for the neutrinoless double beta decay experiment GERDA J. Liu
The BiPo detector S. Cebrian
The GERDA Cherenkov muon veto M. Knapp
Production association, electrochemical plant: production of enriched stable isotopes for large-scale experiments in underground physics E. Nikitina
Hanohano: deep underwater neutrino observatory J. Maricic
Uncertainty in the low energy stopping power and anomalous enhancement in the measured D+D fusion rates M. Coraddu
Results of the radio-detection experiment HASRA (Hawaii Askaryan in Salt Radio Array) R. Milincic
Multimessenger point source search: UHECR and neutrinos J. Petrovic
R-process and neutrinos F. Rossi Torres
Alignment, positioning and absolute pointing of the undersea ANTARES telescope Felix Fehr
PAMELA sub-detectors capability in light nuclei identification: status and perspectives L. Consiglio
PAMELA mission: constraints to cosmic rays propagation from nuclei L. Marcelli
Limit on the diffuse flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos using the Pierre Auger Observatory E. Akhmedov

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