TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2007 Workshop Sessions


COSMOLOGICAL ISSUES (Conveners: S. Hannestad, M. Kawasaki, E.Masso)
The impact of non-linear evolution of cosmological matter power spectrum on the measurement of neutrino massess S. Saito
Subaru galaxy survey M. Takada
Neutrino mass constraint from CMB and its degeneracy with other cosmological parameters K. Ichikawal
Capturing relic neutrinos with beta decaying nuclei G. Mangano
Low energy Dirac and Majorana leptonic CP-violation and leptogenesis S. Petcov
Dirac phase leptogenesis S.Blanchet
Quintessential kination and leptogenesis S.Scopel
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES - I(Conveners: B. Barish, E. Coccia, S. Kawamura)
Status of LIGO K. Kawabe
The Japanese space gravitational wave antenna;DECIGO S. Kawamura
DECIGO pathfinder M. Ando
Displacement noise free interferometory for gravitational wave detection S.Sato
The Status of VIRGO: a large interferometer for gravitational wave detection F. Frasconi
Status of GEO600 S.Reid
Development of fused silica suspensions fibres for advanced gravitational wave detectors A. Heptonstall
DARK MATTER / ANTIMATTER IN SPACE - I(Conveners: A. Bottino, J. Morales, T. Moroi)
Right-handed sneutrino as cold dark matter of the universe T. Asaka
Dark matter in universal extra dimension models with right-handed neutrinos M. Yamanaka
Cosmic rays emitted by primordial black holes in a five-dimensional Randall-Sundrum braneworld Y. Sendouda
Dark matter annihilation in the Milky Way halo S. Horiuchi
Rare components in cosmic rays with AMS-02 A. Sabellek
Antideuterons as an indirect dark matter signature: design and preparation for a balloon-born GAPS experiment J. Koglin
Search of axions from a nuclear power reactor with a high-purity germanium detector H-M. Chang (TEXONO Collaboration)
Dark matter searches with a 100 eV threshold germanium detector H. Wong (TEXONO Collaboration)
Latest result from the Tokyo axion helioscope Y. Inoue
Initial results on exploration of deep underground sources of Argon C. Galbiati


GRAVITATIONAL WAVES - II(Conveners: B. Barish, E. Coccia, S. Kawamura)
IGEC2 Collaboration: a network of resonant bar detectors searching for gravitational wave bursts M. Visco
Status of LCGT and CLIO M. Ohashi
Searches for gravitational waves triggered by the observation of astronomical events K. Hayama
Recent progress of TAMA300 K. Arai
TAMA300 interferometer development D. Tatsumi
Results of the search for inspiraling compact star binaries from TAMA300's observation in 2000-2004 H. Tagoshi
Short gravitational wave signal searches in TAMA300 data: stellar core collapse and black hole N. Kanda
DARK MATTER / ANTIMATTER IN SPACE - II (Conveners: A. Bottino, J. Morales, T. Moroi)
The ZEPLIN-II experiment V. Kudryavtsev
Dark matter search results from the XENON10 experiment E. Aprile
Search for dark matter with EDELWEISS: status and future G. Gerbier
From DAMA/NaI to DAMA/LIBRA and beyond R. Cerulli
The ELEGANT VI experiment I. Ogawa
The CRESST experiment W. Seidel
Results from the KIMS experiment S.K. Kim
The XMASS experiment K. Abe
The COUPP detector B. Odom
The ArDM, a ton-scale liquid Argon experiment for direct dark matter detection P. Otyugova
The PICO-LON detector K-I. Fushimi
The NEWAGE experiment H. Nishimura
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - I (Conveners: E. Lorenz, P. Michelson, M. Mori. G. Navarra)
Diffuse high-energy neutrino searches in AMANDA-2 and IceCube results and future prospects K. Hoshina
Status report on the ANTARES neutrino telescope B. Vallage
First results of the IceCube Observatory on high energy neutrino astronomy T. Montaruli
NEMO P. Sapienza
The KM3NET design study P. Rapidis
EHE Neutrino flux by the Pierre Auger observatory O. Deligny
EAS radio detection with LOPES J. Bluemer
JEM EUSO mission on International Space Station Y. Takahashi
On the characteristics of the neutrino events in (ultra-)high energy astrophysics experiment from the view point of energy determination A. Misaki
Study of dynamical fluctuations and Levy stability in silicon-nucleus collisions at high energy M. A. Nasr
High energy neutrino background from GRBs K. Murase
Effects of axion-photon mixing on gamma-ray fluxes from magnetized astrophysical sources K. Hochmuth
SOLAR, REACTOR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS - I (Solar Low BG Techniques)(Conveners: G. Fogli, V. Matveev, M. Nakahata, D. Sinclair, F. Suekane)
Low-energy neutrino observation at Super-Kamiokande-3 Y. Takeuchi
News from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory C. Kraus
KamLAND (purification status) Y. Kishimoto
DUSEL K. Lesko
SAGE: status and future V. Gavrin
Retrospect of GALLEX/GNO T. Kirsten
LENS, MINILENS: status R. Raghavan
Low-level techniques applied in the experiments looking for rare events G. Zuzel
Low energy neutrino experiments sensitivity to physics beyond the Standard Model T. Rashba


DARK MATTER / ANTIMATTER IN SPACE - III(Conveners: A. Bottino, J. Morales, T. Moroi)
The inert doublet model: a new archetype of wimp dark matter M. Tytgat
Status of the RD for surface events rejection in the EDELWEISS experiment X.-F. Navick
Neutron background at the Boulby Underground Laboratory V. Kudryavtsev
Methods to identify and eliminate surface background events inbolometric detectors for very rare events search C. Nones
Progress in directional dark matter detection: observation of the Head-Tail effect with low-energy neutrons D. Dujmic
SOLAR, REACTOR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS - II (Supernovae)(Conveners: G. Fogli, V. Matveev, M. Nakahata, D. Sinclair, F. Suekane)
LENA: A multipurpose detector for low energy neutrino astrophysics and proton decay T. Marrodan
Collective neutrino flavor transitions in Supernovae: analytical and numerical aspects E. Lisi
Constraints of oscillation parameters through MSW effect of SN neutrino S. Kawagoe
Non-linear neutrino oscillations in core collapse supernovae G. Raffelt
ATMOSPHERIC NEUTRINOS AND HIGH-ENERGY NEUTRINO BEAMS - I(Conveners: J. Bernabeu, T. Kajita, C. W. Kim, R. Plunket)
Atmospheric neutrino results from Super-Kamiokande Y. Itow
Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino flux with AMANDA-II and IceCube P. Desiati
Impact of three-flavor oscillations (in vacuum and in matter) on solar atmosphere neutrinos A. Mirizzi
Neutrino oscillograms of the Earth CP violation and future atmospheric neutrino experiments E. Akhmedov
DOUBLE BETA DECAYS - I(Conveners: F. Avignone, E. Bellotti, T. Kishimoto)
Neutrino physics prospects of neutrinoless double beta decay experiments S. Petcov
NEMO-3 H. Ohsumi
The COBRA experiment aims to search for neutrinoless double beta decay in CdZnTe J. Wilson
DCBA experiment for searching for neutrinoless double beta decay N. Ishihara
Majorana mass sensitivities of double beta decays and nuclear matrix elements H. Ejiri


SOLAR, REACTOR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS - III (Solar and Reactor)(Conveners: G. Fogli, V. Matveev, M. Nakahata, D. Sinclair, F. Suekane)
Scintillator purification, detector performance and data analysis of Borexino M.Pallavicini
KamLAND (anti neutrino status) I. Shimizu
Double Chooz: a reactor theta-13 experiment M. Motoki
The DayaBay reactor neutrino experiment S. Chen
RENO: reactor neutrino experiment at Yonggwang S-B. Kim
Neutrino mass hierarchy and theta(13) determination by remoto detection of reactor antineutrinos M. Batygov
Low energy neutrino physics at the Kuo-Sheng nuclear power station with lowthreshold germanium detectors S-T. Lin
KATRIN: an experiment to determine the neutrino mass H. Robertson
Hadro-production results from the HARP experiment E. Radicioni
Latest results from the MINOS experiment A. Blake
OPERA experiment C. Jollet
Status of FNAL SciBooNE experiment Y. Nakajima
Status and physics of the T2K experiment H. Kakuno
The NOVA experiment R. Plunkett
Updating the future neutrino oscillation experiment with the Kamioka-Korea 2 detector setup T. Kajita
Search for nucleon decay and n-nbar oscillations in Super-Kamiokande J. Kameda
DOUBLE BETA DECAYS - II(Conveners: F. Avignone, E. Bellotti, T. Kishimoto)
From Cuoricino to CUORE: investigating the inverted hierarchy region of neutrino mass A. Giuliani
Status of the GERDA experiment H. Simgen
Super NEMO H. Ohsumi
MOON for next-generation neutrinoless double beta decay experiment: present status and perspective T. Shima
EXO: an Enriched Xenon Observatory for double beta decay K. O'Sullivan
New limits on b+EC and ECEC processes in 74Se and 120Te A. Barabash
MARE: an experiment for the calorimetric direct search of neutrino mass with sub eV sensitivity F. Gatti
Double beta decays of 48Ca with CaF2 (Eu) S. Umehara
Production Association Electrochemical Plant: production of enriched stable isotopes for large-scale experiments in underground physics E. Nikitina
The Majorana project F. Avignone
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - II(Conveners: E. Lorenz, P. Michelson, M. Mori. G. Navarra)
GLAST large area telescope C. Cecchi
Recent results from CANGAROO-3I Y. Yukawa
A detailed study of the gamma ray emission from the high mass X-ray binary LS I +61 303 in TeV energies by the MAGIC telescope T. Jogler
The CALET Mission for detection of cosmic ray source and dark matter S. Torii
Diffusive gamma-rays and antiprotons T. Shibata
ARGO-YBJ experiment P. Bernardini
The primary spectrum in the transition region between direct and indirect measurements (10 TeV - 10 PeV) M. Bertaina
Tibet Air Shower Array: results and future plan K. Kawata
Propagation of UHE protons through a magnetized large scale structure S. Das
The KASCADE-Grande experiment J. Bluemer
The Telescope Array H. Tokuno
LHCf experiment Y. Itow

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