TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2007 Poster Session

Indirect searches for dark matter with IceCube C. Rott
A new cosmological bounds on neutrino radiative dacays A. Mirizzi
An analysis of the first observation data of CLIO for gravitational waves T. Akutsu
Status of the RD for surface events rejection in the EDELWEISS experiment X-F. Navick
RD for possible future improvements of KamLAND A. Terashima
Theta13 and Hierarchy by SN neutrinos H. Suzuki
Mesurements with the KATRIN pre-spectrometer F. Habermehl
InP Detector for solar pp/7Be neutrino detections Y. Fukuda
Quality study purified liquid scintillator Y. Konno
Background study for KamLAND reactor neutrino experiment K. Ichimura
Updated results from the 3 ton Gd loaded liquid scintillator target after 2 years of data taking at LNGS C. M. Cattadori
Scintillator Purification and Containment F. Calaprice
Comprehensive analysis of neutrino events in Super-Kamiokande type detector from the view point of computer numerical experiment A. Misaki
CANDLES light guide system(temp) Y. Tsubota
CANDLES trigger system G. Ito
DCBA experiment for searching for neutrinoless double beta decay N. Ishihara
Supply of stable isotopes from Russia T. Kurenkova
EHE neutrino induced events nearthe IceCube detector M. Ono

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