TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2005 Workshop Sessions


DARK MATTER - I (Conveners: D. Akerib, A. Bottino, A. Morales)
Small-scale clumps and dark matter annihilation signal

[invited talk]

V. Berezinsky
Neutralino dark matter and gaugino non-universality N. Fornengo
Dark matter detection: searching for the cake or its frosting? G. Gelmini
Accurate calculation of neutralino relic densities P. Ullio
The AMS experiment K. Scholberg
Search for supersymmetric dark matter with GLAST A. Cesarini
Cold dark matter axion search S. Asztalos
Recent solar axion searches F. Avignone
DARK MATTER - II (Conveners: D. Akerib, A. Bottino, A. Morales)
Further results on the wimp annual modulation signature by dama/nai

[invited talk]

R. Bernabei
Prospects for DAMA/LIBRA and beyond A. Incicchitti
ZEPLIN-II status H. Wang
DRIFT status D. Snowden-Ifft
Dark matter with HELLAZ P. Gorodetzky
The CDMS facility at Soudan R. Bunker
Neutron background studies for the EDELWEISS WIMP search G. Gerbier
The neutron background at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory S. Cebrian
Bubble chambers with sensitivity to WIMPs A.Sonnenschein
Results from WMAP S. Meyer
Current and future cosmological measures of absolute neutrino mass M. Kaplinghat
CMB constraints on neutrinos and dark energy J. Kneller
Neutrino mixing and cosmology N. Bell
CP-violating phases and leptogenesis S. Pascoli
Dark matter and dark radiation in brane cosmology and its observational test from the BBN, CMB and supernovae T. Kajino
SOLAR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS - I (Conveners: E. Bellotti, k. Zuber, J. Wilkerson)
The Gallium Neutrino Observatory (GNO) E. Bellotti
Results from the Russian American Gallium Experiment (SAGE) V. Gavrin
The solar neutrino day/night effect in Super-Kamiokande M. Smy
HELLAZ P. Gorodetzky
LENS (Low Energy Neutrino Spectroscopy): status and outlook T. Bowles
Update on HERON R. Lanou
Spectroscopy of low energy solar neutrinos by MOON R. Hazama
Croyogenic-Low-Energy-Astrophysics with Neon (CLEAN) A. Hime
A large liquid scintillator detector for Low-Energy Neutrino Astronomy (LENA) R. Oberauer
New precision 7Be(p,gamma)8B cross section measurements and the astrophysical-factor S17 A.R. Junghans
Underground investigation of the 14N(p,gamma)15O reaction at low energy A. Formicola
Detection of supernova gravitational core collapse neutrinos with LVD M. Selvi


DARK MATTER - III (Conveners: D. Akerib, A. Bottino, A. Morales)
Status of the dark matter searches at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory S. Cebrian
Current status of dark matter searches at the Boulby facility N. Smith
Latest results from the EDELWEISS WIMP search G. Gerbier
Recent results from the CDMS facility at Stanford V. Mandic
CRESST-II: A cryogenic dark matter detector with scintillating absorbers G. Angloher
Status of the XENON dark matter experiment T. Shutt
Status of the PICASSO project U. Wichoski
Recent results from the Orpheus dark matter experiment P.Loaiza
Data website B.Sadoulet
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - I (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, S. Westerhoff)
Results from the AMANDA experiment P. Steffen
GRB search with AMANDA K. Kuehn
The Baikal neutrino telescope: results and plans P. Steffen
The IceCube neutrino telescope S. Yoshida
Status report of the EUSO project at the end of phase A P. Gorodetzky
NESTOR: first results L. Resvanis
The status of the Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory (NEMO) P. Piattelli
Status of the Antares neutrino telescope V. Bertin
Decaying superheavy dark matter and subgalactic structure of the Universe K.-W. Ng
NUCLEON DECAY (Conveners: M. Campanelli, M. Shiozawa, H. Sobel)
Experimental review of proton decay C. Sterner
The study of neutrino background to proton decay using K2K 1kt detector data S. Mine
A european megaton project at Frejus L. Mosca
Future and proposed proton decay projects M. Shiozawa
DOUBLE BETA DECAY (Conveners: F. Avignone, H. Ejiri, J. Suhonen)
NEMO-3 double beta decay experiment: present status A. Barabash
Preliminary results on double beta decay of 130Te obtained in the first run of the CUORICINO experiment S. Pirro
CANDLES project for double beta decay of 48-Ca S. Yoshida
The Majorana double beta decay experiment C. Aalseth
Double beta decays of 100Mo and MOON M. Nomachi
EXO for neutrinoless double beta decay in Xenon-136 T. Koffas
Nuclear structure problems of double beta matrix elements J. Suhonen
Double beta decays of Cd and W, and CAMEO project and discovery potential of the future 2 beta decay experiments F. Danevich
Neutrino-less double beta decays: neutrino mass spectrum and CP-violation in the lepton sector S. Pascoli
First results from COBRA K. Zuber


HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - II (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, S. Westerhoff)
VERITAS: The very energetic radiation imaging telescope array system F. Krennrich
Results from the Milagro gamma-ray observatory E. Blaufuss
Detection of muon bundles from cosmic ray showers with DELPHI P. Travnicek
Sensitivity of Cherenkov radiation to the dynamics of high energy cosmic ray interactions J. Ridky
Antiproton flux from neutralino annihilation F. Donato
Dissecting the knee: air shower measurements with KASACADE J. Hoerandel
Recent results from the HiRes air fluorescence experiment R.W. Springer
Correlation analysis of the arrival directions of the highest energy cosmic rays W. Burgett
Status and neutrino detection prospects of the Auger observatory A. Letessier-Selvon
SOLAR AND OTHER LOW-ENERGY NEUTRINO PHYSICS - II(Conveners: E. Bellotti, k. Zuber, J. Wilkerson)
Precision neutrino oscillation physics with an intermediate baseline reactor neutrino experiment M. Piai
Measuring neutrino oscillation parameters with reactors S. Choubey
Reactor neutrino measurement of theta13 K.M. Heeger
Low energy neutrino physics at the Kuo-Sheng reactor laboratory H.T. Wong
Magnetic moment measurement of the electron antineutrino from the MUNU experiment F. Juget
The Milano electron antineutrino mass experiment S. Pirro
A facility for neutrino-nucleus cross section measurements at the Spallation Neutron Source Y. Efremenko
Physics potential of the solar neutrino experiments B. Balantekin
Neutrino masses and mixings in dimensional deconstruction models B.K. Rangaswamy
Neutrino oscillations and many particle neutrino interactions C. Lunardini
Structure of neutrino mass matrix and implications for leptogenesis M. Frigerio


Atmospheric neutrinos and neutrino mass hierarchy S. Palomares-Ruiz
Soudan 2 P. Litchfield
Upward muons in Soudan 2 T. Kafka
MINOS P. Litchfield
HARP M. Campanelli
OPERA D. Duchesneau
JHF to SuperK Neutrino experiment (JHFnu) A. Konaka
A very sensitive measurement of sin^2(theta_13) using a liquid argon detector in the nuMI off-axis beam Y. Seo
Beta-Beams from CERN to Frejus L. Mosca
Neutrino factories K. Hoffman
CNGS beam monitor with LVD M. Selvi
GRAVITY AND GRAVITATIONAL WAVES (Conveners: M. Cerdonio, F. Raab, S. Hughes)
Sources of High frequency gravitational waves K. Kokkotas
Core-collapse supernovae and gravitational waves C. Cardall
Advanced LIGO D. Sigg
Large scale cryogenic laser interferometer gravitational wave telescope (LCGT) S. Miyoki
Wide bandwidth DUAL acoustic GW detector M. Cerdonio
Escorts to waves of gravity: virtue of coincident observation of energetic cosmic events by traditional and gravity wave observatories S. Marka
OUTREACH/EDUCATION (Conveners: R. Antolini, L. Bugel, E. Gates)
Space science B. Winchatz
Quarknet: particle physics and outreach T. Jordan
Echos of physics from the heart of the mountain R. Antolini
Education and public outreach activities of the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Cosmic Ray Observatory project in Nebraska G. Snow
Mixing science, history and art deep underground P. Litchfield
Outreach at the laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatories F. Raab
Bringing neutrinos to the secondary school classroom J. Madsen

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