TAUP: Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics

TAUP 2005 Workshop Sessions


DARK MATTER - Plenary (Conveners: A. Bottino, A. Morales, M. Spiro)
Present status of IGEX dark matter search at Canfranc I. Irastorza
Search for dark matter by GENIUS-TF and GENIUS H. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus
Results from the DAMA/NaI experiment at Gran Sasso A. Incicchitti
Dark matter search in the Milano Double Beta experiment and perspectives for the CUORE project A. Giuliani
Results and plans of the CRESST dark matter search F. Proebst
Dark matter in the EDELWEISS experiment O. Martineau
Status and results of the CDMS experiment B. Sadoulet
DARK MATTER - Parallel Theory (Conveners: A. Bottino, A. Morales, M. Spiro)
Status of hot dark matter after SNO D. Caldwell
Supersymmetric relics S. Scopel
Large neutralino-nucleon cross section from supergravity and superstrings C. Munoz
Indirect detection of neutralino dark matter candidates in anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenarios P. Ullio
DARK MATTER - Parallel Experiments (Conveners: A. Bottino, A. Morales, M. Spiro)
The CERN solar axion telescope: the CAST experiment F. Avignone
Results from the DAMA/LXe experiment at Gran Sasso P. Belli
Status of the UKDM experiments and Boulby Facility S. Hart
First results of the ANAIS experiment at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory S. Cebrian
The ROSEBUD experiment at Canfranc: 2001 report P. de Marcillac
Report on the recent CDMS SUF runs T. Saab
Status of the PICASSO project V. Zacek
First runs with the ORPHEUS dark matter detector F. Hasenbalg


Photons, gravity and the concept of mass L. Okun
COSMOLOGY AND PARTICLE PHYSICS (Conveners: P. de Bernardis, A. Masiero)
Quintessence Cosmology S.A. Bludman
Archeops: measuring the CMB from large to small angular J.-C. Hamilton
Early-Universe constraints from Boomerang, DASI and Maxima A. Melchiorri
What's Behind Acoustic Peaks in the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies C. Baccigalupi
The results of Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) in Space B. Alpat
Cosmic rays interactions with atmosphere: a MC simulation P. Zuccon
Search for massive rare particles with MACRO I. De Mitri
Generation of magnetic fields and gravitional waves D. Grasso
Experimental limits on the proton lifetime Y. Zdesenko
GRAVITATIONAL WAVES (Conveners: M. Cerdonio, A. Giazotto)
Gravitational waves: a review of sources C. Cutler
Advanced LIGO as an alement of a network of astrophysical detectors: gravitational and otherwise D. Shoemaker
LISA S. Vitale


SOLAR AND ATMOSPHERIC NEUTRINOS (Conveners: F. Avignone, M. Baldo Ceolin, C.W. Kim, V. Matveev)
Solar neutrino results from SNO I. Lawson
Update of GNO results C. Cattadori
Results from SAGE V. Vermul
Measurement of fast neutron background in SAGE A. Shikhin
A status report of the Borexino experiment T. Shutt
Artificial neutrino source of Ar-37: status and schedule J. Abdurashitov
The ICARUS T600 experiment O. Palamara
Updated solar neutrino analysis and Borexino physics V. Antonelli
Estimations of fluxes neutrinos produced in solar corona flares L.V. Volkova
Calculations of the atmospheric neutrinos T. Gaisser
Progress in atmospheric neutrino flux calculations G. Battistoni
Observable matter effects in atmospheric neutrinos J. Bernabeu
Atmospheric muon neutrino oscillations with MACRO A. Surdo
Study of neutrino induced upgoing muon energy with MACRO E. Scapparone
Atmospheric neutrino results from Soudan 2 D. Petyt
Sensitivity to neutrino scillation parameters of the MONOLITH experiment T. Tabarelli
LMA parameters and non-zero U_e3 effects on atmospheric neutrino data? O. Peres
SINGLE AND DOUBLE BETA DECAYS (Conveners: F. Avignone, M. Baldo Ceolin, C.W. Kim, V. Matveev)
New underground observatory: GENIUS H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus
Status of the Milano neutrino mass experiment with arrays of AgReO4 microcalorimeters M. Sisti
Status of the double beta decay experiment NEMO3 L. Simard
Double beta decays of 100Mo and Molybdenum observatory of neutrinos K. Fushimi
Investigation of double beta decay of Mo-100 using a liquid Ar ionization chamber A. Barabash
Neutrino mass spectrum and beta decay experiment Y. Farzan
CAMEO: future double beta decay and dark matter experiment Y. Zdesenko
New results of 116-Cd double beta decay experiment F. Danevich
The Majorana project: a neutrino mass experiment C. Aalseth
Neutrino masses from tritium beta decay J. Bonn
The MUNU low energy nu-e scattering experiment C. Broggini
The GEMMA experiment on the measurement of the neutrino magnetic moment A. Starostin
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - High Energy Cosmic Rays (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, P. Monacelli)
Recent results of the KASCADE air shower experiment J.R. Hoerandel
The cosmic ray all nucleon flux in the range 0.5-50 TeV from the hadron measurements at EAS-TOP A. Castellina
Study of the bending component at the knee of the cosmic ray primary spectrum G. Navarra
Possible explanation of the appearance of the knee and the ankle in the cosmic ray energy spectrum A. Petrukhin
Study of CR primaries and their cascades at Eo=10-100TeV through EAS-TOP and MACRO M. Bertaina
Recent results from the L3+C experiment about atmospheric muons and their parent air showers R. Nahnhauer
Search for gamma-ray bursts at E>10 GeV V.B. Petkov
A novel approach to non-linear shock acceleration P. Blasi
Antiprotons from spallation of cosmic rays on ISM F. Donato
Can we observe quark-gluon plasma in cosmic rays? J. Ridky
Study of CR primary composition by EAS-TOP and MACRO collaboration G. Battistoni


NEUTRINO PHYSICS (Conveners: E. Bellotti, J. Bernabeu, G. L. Fogli, T. Kajita)
Verifiable origin of neutrino mass at TeV scale E. Ma
The MINOS experiment J. Nelson
CERN to Gran Sasso: ideal distance for superbeams? H. Minakata
Future tests of non-standard neutrino interactions R. Zukanovich Funchal
Effects of neutrino oscillation on the supernova signal in LVD W. Fulgione
Antineutrino-deuterium experiments at the Krasnoyarsk reactor A. Martemianov
KARMEN quest for neutrino oscillations M. Steidl
Status of MiniBooNE R. Stefanski
JHF: Kamioka neutrino project T. Kobayashi
Neutrino astrophysics at Boulby mine R. Luscher
Homestake as a US Underground Science Laboratory W. Haxton
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, P. Monacelli)
The Auger Observatory P. Privitera
Propagation of UHE Cosmic Rays and... T. Stanev
UHECRs: the annihilation of superheavy relics P. Blasi
UHECRs: clustering, GUT and neutrino mass Z. Fodor
BL Lac are probable sources of UHECR I. Tkachev
HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS - Ultra High Energy Neutrinos (Conveners: V. Berezinsky, E. Lorenz, P. Monacelli)
The Baikal experiment: status 2001 G.V. Domogatsky
Results from AMANDA B-10 neutrino telescope A. Hallgren
The AMANDA-II neutrino telescope: status and first results R. Wischnewski
A seach for UHE neutrinos by AGASA S. Yoshida
Status report of the Antares project T. Montaruli
The IceCube neutrino telescope A. Goldschmidt
Neutrino astronomy with MACRO L. Perrone
HE neutrinos from collapsing galactic nuclei V. Dokuchaev
Probing the GZK barrier with UHE tau neutrinos C. Lachaud
High Energy Tau Neutrinos U. Wichoski
Atmospheric neutrinos and charm production L.V. Volkova

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